The Look: Trilling Apparel

Trilling Apparel is an upcoming NYC based fashion line that uses high quality basics paired with minimalist designs to create something special. Created by Bronx native Alanna, Trilling Apparel is relatively new to the fashion scene but is making a great impression with it's "simplicity at it's best" approach to clothing. Check out our chat with Alanna and learn more about Trilling Apparel. 

What made you want to create Trilling Apparel?

Trilling Apparel was years in the making. I wanted to create a brand that features clean lines and simple graphics. Don't get me wrong I love the bold colors and may feature them for a limited time in the future but overall I want to keep things simple and clean. Besides worrying about the market I just wanted to make items that you can wear in a numerous amount of ways. 

What does "Trilling" mean? And who is your line geared towards? 

Trilling is the action of being true and real. Whether thats true to yourself, true to the brand, or true to the cause. It's honest clothes made in the US and primarily focused on using the services of small businesses to make it to the next level. Honestly I'm tired of investing my money into the mass market. We have to help the smaller businesses win! Bring back the mom and pop shops.  My line is geared towards the millennials. It's geared towards people that want to feel good in what they wear and aren't just following trends. It's for the true individual. Trilling is all about quality. Feel good fabrics. The customer that buys from trilling isn't just making a purchase to me. They are supporting a dream. 

 *Trilling-(Tril*ling) Chilling out hardcore.

What's up next for your company? 

Next we are expanding inventory while still keeping the small boutique feel. Focusing on adding some one of a kind pieces and just building the brand. Right now we just want to create awareness. Get our name out there! There is so much more to come. 

Be Trill. Be True.

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