Local Restaurant "Harlem Shake" Crowns Marco Khare It's 1st Ever Mr. Harlem Shake!

Congrats to the first ever Mr. Harlem Shake Marco Glorious Khare! Representing the Children's Aide Society (who have multiple locations within Harlem) as his charity for the contest, Marco states that "Harlem is in his blood. The history, culture, pain, anguish and the love"

We recently spoke with Dennis, the Brand Manager for Harlem Shake, about what prompted them to create this contest and what’s next for the restaurant. Check it out!

How did this contest come about?

We wanted to do something fun that involved our customers. It was not done super serious. It was just done as a fun game voting game to involve people in the community. Our contest is only open to local Harlemites.

Now being in it’s fourth year so you think it’s become more a serious contest?

No no, actually it’s becomes more inclusive each year. Originally it was only open to women so people thought it was a beauty pageant. Now that it’s the second year the contest is open to men, we have a much wider range of Harlemites. It’s still 18yrs and up, but this year’s contestants ranged from 23 yrs old to 97 yrs old with half being men and half being women. So it’s definitely gets more inclusive and much more fun each year!

What are the responsibilities of Marco now that he's being passed on the title of Mr. Harlem Shake 2017?

It’s generally an honorary title, but you’ll see him at some events throughout the year. The biggest one probably being the African American Day Parade. We usually bring them out in a vintage convertible and they get to wave at the adoring crowd. He also get prizes that are pretty awesome too. He will receive a year of free burgers, who doesn't love burgers?! They also get $1000 for themselves and $500 for the charity.

What's next for Harlem Shake?

Well this summer we’ve launched an event call “Beer Burgers and Beats.”  It happens each Fri & Sat night. Fridays from 7-10pm at our Central Harlem location on 124th Street and Lenox and Saturdays 7-10pm at our East Harlem location 111th Street and 2nd Ave. This event includes beer specials, combos of burgers and beers and live music. We also have DJ Ted Smooth, who we are honored to really have, alternating with the Sonia Hensley Band on the live entertainment side. So that’s definitely something to look out for!

Be sure to come to Harlem Shake’s Central Harlem location on July 8th, as they host their 4th annual “Golden Cup Party”. This is the official crowning party for the next Miss/Mr Harlem Shake. It’s open to the public and will happening soon at their Central Harlem Location and of course The Cool Mag will be in the building! Stay Cool!



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